Nomad unleashed allows travelers to share their stories with the world. Nomads speak of their dreams from early ages until now.
They tell us about their journey and what they have learned about the world by traveling.
Authentic talks tell us that traveling is not just about seeing places but it’s also about reflecting on one’s life and exploring our true self.

When we travel we are more present to our life because everything we see is new to our eyes and mind. Thoughts disappear and background noises silence. We get a chance to have an authentic and deeply honest conversation with ourselves.

The purpose of this project is to give everyone access to travelers’ experiences and to inspire all people around the world to travel more. One may see what can be possible for them if they travel. What could be waiting for us when we break out of our comfort zone and dare to experience something new, to see the world from different angles. This universe has a lot to offer and our entry ticket to the show is our first step on the road of discovery.

So go out there, explore, reflect and share your stories with the world as an unleashed nomad.

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