I am Ulysse 23 years old from France and I’ve been in Australia for few months.

Who did you want to be when you were a kid?
Drawer, artist, dreamer

What do you do now?
I work in hospitality
Studied English and journalism
I am proud of being a waiter and serving people. It’s challenging in the right way. He wants to develop his technique and style of serving by starting a cafe and continue serving people.

Who do you want to be if anything was possible?
Take care of animals and make sure they are living a healthy life by checking on them every now and then. To raise awareness of animal welfare and create a sense of appreciation for animal and wildlife. To explore and learn more about animals and create and sustain a suitable environment for them to live freely.
I want to be a chef if I had a sharper sense of smell and tasting skills. I want to make people happy by cooking and offering them healthy meals with great taste.

What was the most exciting experience/moment of your trip?
The moment I came out of the plane and put my feet on oz land for the first time. The first swim at an Australian beach is one of my most memorable experiences. It was a dream coming through moment for me. I accomplished something I thought of for a long time.
My first encounter with a kangaroo and seeing such a unique and exotic animal with my own eyes was mind-blowing.
New people that I met and the great conversation that we had are all amazing experiences that would never happen if I didn’t travel.

What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself by travelling?
How to connect with people and go through ups and downs with new people I met on my journey. I went beyond what I knew of myself every day. I learned to do things I’ve never done or even thought of in the past.
I learned how important it is to expand my capacity to let go. To let go of old stuff that holds me back in personal and professional life. I learned not to overthink or over analyse the past and the future. Now I allow myself to be free of thoughts and live in the moment.
I took responsibility for my own happiness and started to understand others and not only think of me as the centre of the world, and then I could easily let go of negative thoughts.

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